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The Station Improvements include the Installment of two new trees. They are neatly organized- one in front of each window, as well as being symmetrical they each have a neat circular fencing around them. By what I've seen from the construction, which involved digging a large whole about two or three meters each, installing what looks like a large 'pot' and putting the trees in that before paving it up again, it looks like it has been designed to avoid the tree's roots ripping up the Paving area like the last ones did. A massive area has been de-paved to (presumably) replace the Paving, lots of bollards have been installed around the edge of the concourse. Despite the sign saying it will end on the 30th September, work is still continuing!

After Surfing the net I found Bromley Council's 'Area Action Plan for Bromley Town Centre' document

Under Bromley North Station area

"•    The northern part of the site shares its eastern interface with fine grained and attractive residential properties dating from the early 19th century. Development along Tweedy Road contains some larger commercial units
•    The site presently accommodates the Charter Market in a covered market hall. Redevelopment will need to consider re-provision of space for
the market either on or off site.
•    The scale of Bromley North Station is typical of the town centre’s statutory listed buildings where sensitive design of the form and arrangement of new development will be crucial to preserve and enhance their setting. Legibility of the listed station building is compromised by the large scale and massing of more recent development on adjacent plots and poor quality station forecourt and surrounding public realm
•    Connectivity to town centre is weak due to poor pedestrian crossings and a generally poor quality pedestrian environment along Tweedy Road
•    The Tweedy Road frontage is in need of enhancement to create a more attractive edge to the town centre.
Key Design Principles
•    The existing listed station building should be retained and refurbished with an improved forecourt and setting. Proposals must include sensitive reuse of the station buildings even if the rail facilities and ticket office are moved.
•    The design of new buildings should respond to the listed station in terms of scale and form, future redevelopment of the insensitively scaled massive red brick ‘Northside House’ immediately to the east of the station would provide an opportunity to improve the relationship between this cluster of buildings.
•    Provision of a high quality public realm particularly an improved pedestrian link
and visual connection between North Village and the station. This would include the removal of street clutter and an improved pedestrian crossing.
•    Mixed use development should be clustered around the station and Tweedy Road with increasing residential component and reduction in scale the further
north one moves through the site.
•    The incorporation of a central public space that could potentially accommodate the Charter Market (if it does not move off-site).
•    Potential for taller buildings on the central eastern part of the site next to the railway (responding to the existing 10 storey residential building east of the Opportunity Site).
•    Possible introduction of future transit link between Tweedy Road and the rail track at Bromley North Station to be safeguarded. The objective is to provide a guided bus or tram link to ensure that conversion of the Grove Park-Bromley North route at some stage in the future is not precluded. The safeguarding will need to be shown as part of the masterplan
for the site with a requirement to retain that safeguarding in any subsequent planning permission granted.
•    Any decked car park must be designed to minimise adverse visual impact upon the surrounding area. Edges that front public spaces including
the street should be ‘wrapped’ with development to conceal blank edges.
•    The site needs to continue to operate as a bus interchange, however, to meet the requirements of the AAP, bus parking may have to be found off-site.
•    Car parking access to the site will need to be determined to minimise congestion on surrounding roads. Provision will need to be made for long and short stay parking. Short stay to service health and other mixed use facilities and longs stay for commercial units and potential park and ride provision."

I'm glad that there's plans to knock down Northside House, the big ugly thing! I can only hope that if they do convert the Railway, that they'll convert it to a Tramway, a Guided Busway would, well ... I won't think about it! TFL rail are apparently likely to reject conversion though. 

Saw one of Network Rail's MPVs (Multi purpose Verticals) at Brom North today, these don't come so often.

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Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park