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Bromley North Station 50 years ago, taken by Ben Brooksbank.
I have just received a kind email from Ben Brooksbank informing me that I can use his 1961 photograph of Bromley North Station, which is of course displayed above. This will be the first entry into the 'historical gallery' (coming soon) and a hope it will be joined by more photos which will help us to understand the branch as it was.

A few notes on the photograph-
It was taken on the footbridge that spans the station throat, the same from which I took my photos many years later, the amount of tracks explains 'the mystery of the unnecessary extraordinary long footbridge' which I was confronted with when I first moved to the area. Of coarse I found out through facts first but the photograph displays the answer so much better than words can.
Taken from the footbridge 50 years later in 2011 the photograph is inevitably taken to the left of the 1961 one because there is no long a goods yard.
As you can see much has changed, the goods yard was lifted in 1968 and is now a car park and small bus stabling area, in the 2011 photograph it is hidden by the trees. The EMU stabling siding (between the track between the Platform with a train in it and another EMU) was retained until it too was lifted in 1975. There are wagons in a siding as well as 2 EMUs stabled. In the extensive goods yard a steam locomotive could often be seen shunting the wagons as  the right three sidings were not electrified.

Also note the semaphore signals and the new signaless gantry, the signals would be installed for the 1976 london bridge resignalling scheme, which would render the semaphores redundant resulting in their removal.

I hope to be putting more images into the historical gallery in the future.
Michael Pitkin
5/15/2012 04:43:11 pm

I remember as a five year old child lying in bed at night, we lived in Ronalds Road, listening to the shunting in the goods yard. It seemed to go on for hours as the trucks buffers clanged together. Thet would have been 1948. Sorry, no pics as no money for cameras in those far off days.


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