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December seems an important month this year- on the 15th the government's decision on HS2 is announced (which may determine what job I end up doing), on the 25th we have Christmas and on 11th the december timetable change will boost services on the Bromley North line (although, the 11th being a sunday the first train will not run until the 12th). After recently re-examining the timetable to be introduced I discovered that although frequencies will be 3tph on Saturdays 07xx till 17xx, after that it will still be 2tph, and that following introduction of more services to supplement the existing peak time 3tph in the weekday 3tph runs only from 07xx till 19xx. In total, there are 7 extra trains in each direction to be introduced  on the weekdays, there are 13 extra trains to be introduced on Saturday.
This means that the trains per direction in a week on the bromley north branch line increase from 253 to 301.
Weekday service per day in each direction will be increased from 43 to 50, Saturday services will increase from 38 to 51.

The first 'new' working will be on Monday 12th December the 9:06 departure from Grove Park.

The new timetable's connections will be assessed in a later post (including connections to Kent despite the fact anyone would go to bromley south to get there.)

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Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park