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Today, as those of you following the latest news will know, is the last Saturday of the current timetable, of coarse it would not be so significant if it weren’t for the fact that the timetable to be introduced includes 3tph in most of the off-peak (and peak). An increase of 48 services in each direction per week boosts the current weekly total of 253 to 301. Saturdays has the biggest improvement, previously having 2 trains per hour (tph) in each direction as of next week Saturdays will be predominately 3tph. Weekdays also see a service increase but already being 3tph in the peak it is not such a big one. Anyway, to mark the occasion, today I decided to do a photoshoot.

To see the photos go Gallery
For an (epic) account of the day see The Last Saturday

Ruth Parry
12/10/2011 08:28:48 pm

As you say, difficult to spot the train on this one!

12/10/2011 08:37:13 pm

That was just the practice shot but I thought in hindsight that portrait worked better than landscape in this case so I put it up. The 'train' one is in the Gallery and you can just about see the front end of the EMU.


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