A website about the Bromley North Branch Line
Toady I was walking down East Street towards the station when I saw a Police-Van with it's syrons blazing pull up by Yum-Yum's Cafe. Out came about 5 Policemen, who joined other policemen in surrounding the station, taking all the exits. They did this in such a manner which told you something was up- every policeman ran, some crouched also along with the noticeable men in plain clothes who joined in. This must have taken thirty seconds and during the time I upped my walking pace, then everything seemed to die down a bit, most of the policemen were in the building. When I got closer I saw through the front door a few of the bobbys surrounding 2 men- who I assumed were the criminals in question. I of course, not wishing to distract the men and women from their duties did not inquire as to what on earth was going on- even when another police-car drew up.

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Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park