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As of 15th December 2011, Southeastern will be increasing the off-peak service frequency on the Bromley North branch line from 2 Trains an hour to 3. The Peak service frequency is already 3 tph (trains per hour), meaning that- as of the next timetable change, the 'Popper' will be fully 3tph (excluding sundays). This is great news because 3tph is more convenient and gets closer to that magical 15 minute 'turn up and go' frequency, meaning it should attract more passengers to the line. Consequently, with patronage increasing Bromley North develops a better case for introducing a Sunday Sunday service and maybe even a direct peak service to London. Please note that this project does not involve using an extra train as under the current timetable there is something like a 15 minute wait at Grove Park, this would be abolished to make way for the new service. I will do a post once the timetable comes out with information on the details and statistics. This is indeed a large step forward!

The New timetable will see trains leaving Grove Park at XX15, XX35 & XX55 and trains leaving Bromley North at XX05, XX25 & XX45.

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Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park