A website about the Bromley North Branch Line
Toady I was walking down East Street towards the station when I saw a Police-Van with it's syrons blazing pull up by Yum-Yum's Cafe. Out came about 5 Policemen, who joined other policemen in surrounding the station, taking all the exits. They did this in such a manner which told you something was up- every policeman ran, some crouched also along with the noticeable men in plain clothes who joined in. This must have taken thirty seconds and during the time I upped my walking pace, then everything seemed to die down a bit, most of the policemen were in the building. When I got closer I saw through the front door a few of the bobbys surrounding 2 men- who I assumed were the criminals in question. I of course, not wishing to distract the men and women from their duties did not inquire as to what on earth was going on- even when another police-car drew up.
            I have received an email recounting the Bromley North of old- I am very much grateful for it.

"I remember as a five year old child lying in bed at night, we lived in Ronalds Road, listening to the shunting in the goods yard. It seemed to go on for hours as the trucks buffers clanged together. That would have been 1948. Sorry, no pics as no money for cameras in those far off days."

Funnily enough I also hear trains in the night- but not buffers, nor freight- just the screeches and electric motor noises as the 'Popper' comes in and out of Bromley North on it's late night runs.

Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park