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Amid English Controlled Assessment preparation and Lunch plus a walk in Eynsford I still managed to get out to the Bromley North branch to take photographs. I also got a video of the unit on the 8:25 from Bromley North speeding through Sundridge Park. Apparently I need to sign up to 'weebly pro' to use the video tool so I have instead decided to use the youtube tool, only problem is this mac doesn't let me sign in! Will find a way.
Have done! Here it is below, you can also see it in the gallery
Every half year or so, sunday sees the Bromley North branch line reopen and demonstrate it's potential with a 2tph direct service to London Victoria taking 33 minutes. This is of coarse due to engineering on the Bromley South line, meaning that Bromley citizens can get to London. The times are on display at Bromley North station but frustratingly not on the southeastern website, therefore I will reproduce them here.
The first northerly train is the 7:25, the last is the 23:55. The first southerly train is the 7:39, the last is the 23:39 dep.
I have included trains A & B but of coarse studying these I realize they are wrong so ignore them. I will hopefully take photographs on the day.
Engineering works are also happening on the 12th to 16th March, this time on the Bromley North branch. The days are Monday to Friday and whilst this is annoying (couldn't they just do it on sundays when the branch is closed?) I will be able to monitor what the engineers are doing. Replacement bus services will operate.
A class 465 in Bromley North. Taken Today.
The recent snow and ice has prompted the deployment of 465 023 on the Saturday 'Popper' ('Popper' is the nickname of the Bromley North Branch Shuttle,) as followers will know the Saturday 'Popper' is now mostly 3tph after the December timetable change. Class 465s are twice the length as the usual 466, meaning that they have more pick-ups and therefore less chance of breaking down in the ice. A small photoshoot is viewable in the gallery.
After recently viewing the 2009/10 passenger user statistics I discovered that Grove Park had the 19th highest amount of Interchange numbers in Britain. The figure quoted is 1.1 million and the Bromley North branch (Bromley North + Sundridge Park) accounts for roughly 0.9 million of it. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to the crowds which climb the Grove Park footbridge in the peaks and on Saturdays (from memory).
I was walking through Bromley North station on this cold day returning from school when I noticed that something had changed in the concourse. I realized that a new toilet had been installed, the door was bright blue and informed me that it was for the use of all sexes, being a single room. Had I brought a camera to school this blog post would be headed with a photograph but I don't think anybody will be groaning when I tell them that they will be deprived a photograph of a blue door.

Apparently the key is in possession of the station staff and you need a valid rail ticket to use it.

Website about the Bromley North Branch Line which runs between Bromley North and Grove Park with a intermediate stop at Sundridge Park